{London} Bi Won

We love korean food so we’ve been to several restaurants in the Tottenham Court Road area and our favourite one, so far, is Woo Jung. Unfortunately they’re knocking down a lot of buildings near Tottenham Court Road Station, so they had to move Woo Jung in the basement of a food shop a couple of blocks away, but today was closed.

Tripadvisor suggested us to try Bi Won, so we gave it a go.
The venue is small but nice, the staff is very kind and attentive, the food is really good. I have to admit that we can’t leave a korean restaurant without having a kimchi pancake and the one we had at Bi Won was delicious.
We’ve also tried the sweet and sour pork, the bibimbap and some barbecue meat. Everything was really good. The service and the price are ok.
We ate a lot of food and we spent something like 15Β£ or less each (drinks included).

We’ll definitely come back!


{London} Fine Foods

Sometimes wandering around is the best way to discover hidden treasures.

A few days ago I went to Bermondsey after reading an article about the Spa Terminus shopping mall.
Worst idea ever: apparently every single shop of the compound is closed on Sundays.
Anyway, it wasn’t time for losing heart! The sun shined across London so I decided to set out for Borough.

On and on and on she walked… until she arrived at the corner between Wild’s Rents and Long Lane. Then an Italian Deli appeared out of the blue.

Fine Foods London
Fine Foods London

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