Italian food

How to Cook Italian (for Londoners)

Japanese, Thai, Indian, Chinese, French, Italian… what are you going to have for dinner today?

Well, I bet that almost everyone loves Italian food. I mean, how can’t you love it?! But Italian food it’s not only pizza, pasta or meatballs. We have tons and tons of amazing recipes.

Italian food

Sometimes I really do miss all the awesome dishes that I used to ate in my hometown, so, after moving to London I’ve decided to learn how to cook and bake all the things I love and I can’t find here (and, yes, I have to say that I’m very lucky since my fiance’ is a chef)

Here comes How to Cook Italian (for Londoners). We’ll tell you how to cook authentic Italian food at home and where to find the best ingredients. And, if you’re italian like us, you’re more than welcome! I’ve spent months before finding out where to buy the best (and affordable) burrata, so maybe we can share some tips and help each other.

Let’s start this new adventure!

(Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!)

Valentine's Day Pizza Franco Manca

{London} Franco Manca

Hey, pizza lovers! London calling 😉

We all deserve a treat now and then and in my opinion having a pizza is one of the best treats ever.

People have their own preferences: thin crust, thick crust, deep pan, hand tossed, with tomato sauce, without tomato sauce, fully loaded or… with hot dog stuffed crust (I’m not joking, ask for it at Domino’s)

But, as far as I’m concerned, when I feel the need to eat something tasty and not too far from my flat, I naturally choose Franco MancaContinue reading