5 Things To Do When Facebook Locks You Out

You know those times when you’re stuck reading a huge stack of comments below a (fascinating and enticing) Facebook post? Yes, of course you do. I, for instance, do it all the time.

Well, a few days ago, I was right in the middle of the reading of an engaging andabsorbing post about the best lunches to bring to work and then a wary pop-up appeared. “Please log in to continue”. I hesitated for a moment while looking at the computer screen perplexed. I typed my login details again and, all of a sudden, Facebook went like “Are you sure, uh? Are you sure this is your real name? I mean, are you super super super sure?” I was like “Oh my, come on, I’ve been here for the last decade along with my real name, what do you want from me now? Let me go back to that post, I need to know what the best thing to bring for lunch tomorrow is, please!

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Fundraising and Startups: An Evening with Investors and Entrepreneurs

I’m thrilled to invite you to join Girls in Tech at the brand new WeWork Moorgate TOMORROW for a panel discussion about fundraising and entrepreneurship with female investors entrepreneurs. These successful women have invested in or raised money for new companies.

The Panel:
Moderated by: Annabelle Azade, Associated Press
Alice Bentinck: Co-founder, Entrepreneur First & CodeFirst:Girls
Bridget Connell: Angel Investor
Amelia Humfress: Founder and CEO, Steer
Dr Sarah Malter: Co-founder, Grant Central

Further details:
Doors open at 6.30pm and the panel will begin at 7 pm, followed by Q&A and time for networking afterwards.
As always we welcome men and women, and there will be nibbles and drinks provided. Please submit questions for the panelists when you sign up!

Have you grabbed your tickets yet? https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/fundraising-and-startups-an-evening-with-investors-and-entrepreneurs-tickets-17515429120

{London} Haagen Dazs

If you’re in Central London and you’re craving for an ice cream (maybe with a waffle or a crepe) after 10pm this is the perfect place to go. It’s usually overcrowded and not exactly cheap, but who cares? They have ice cream!

Haagen Dazs London

{London} Woo Jung

Until a couple of weeks ago, Woo Jung was our favourite korean place in London. The food was amazing. Big plates for affordable prices. Well, the waiters and waitresses weren’t the most sociable people in the world, but who cares when the food they bring to you is mouthwatering?

Then, with the Tottenham Court Road renovation going on they had to close down every single restaurant, pub or shop in St. Giles High street.

We went back to Woo Jung (it was the beginning of March) for lunch when we noticed a piece of paper attached to the shutter with their new address: the basement of an asian supermarket a couple of minutes away.
Unfortunately they were closed for lunch, so we went back a couple of weeks later.
We were a little bit disappointed when we saw the restaurant downstairs (or should I say the Internet Cafe’?) it was empty, a part from a couple of ladies and the staff. I mean, we used to queueing for ages and now this place is desert at 8pm on a Friday night.

Anyway, we ordered the usual stuff: kimchi pancake, bibimbap…
The pancake was good as usual, but the vegetable bibimbap, well, it left us literally speechless: they served it in a cold bowl, topped with an half cooked egg and with a bunch of salad leaves instead of the cooked vegetables you usually find in a bibimbap.

Woo Jung Bibimbap

Apparently they’ve just kept the “brand”, everything else is “brand new”.

Needless to say, we won’t come back. Ever.

{London} Bi Won

We love korean food so we’ve been to several restaurants in the Tottenham Court Road area and our favourite one, so far, is Woo Jung. Unfortunately they’re knocking down a lot of buildings near Tottenham Court Road Station, so they had to move Woo Jung in the basement of a food shop a couple of blocks away, but today was closed.

Tripadvisor suggested us to try Bi Won, so we gave it a go.
The venue is small but nice, the staff is very kind and attentive, the food is really good. I have to admit that we can’t leave a korean restaurant without having a kimchi pancake and the one we had at Bi Won was delicious.
We’ve also tried the sweet and sour pork, the bibimbap and some barbecue meat. Everything was really good. The service and the price are ok.
We ate a lot of food and we spent something like 15£ or less each (drinks included).

We’ll definitely come back!