{London} Woo Jung

Until a couple of weeks ago, Woo Jung was our favourite korean place in London. The food was amazing. Big plates for affordable prices. Well, the waiters and waitresses weren’t the most sociable people in the world, but who cares when the food they bring to you is mouthwatering?

Then, with the Tottenham Court Road renovation going on they had to close down every single restaurant, pub or shop in St. Giles High street.

We went back to Woo Jung (it was the beginning of March) for lunch when we noticed a piece of paper attached to the shutter with their new address: the basement of an asian supermarket a couple of minutes away.
Unfortunately they were closed for lunch, so we went back a couple of weeks later.
We were a little bit disappointed when we saw the restaurant downstairs (or should I say the Internet Cafe’?) it was empty, a part from a couple of ladies and the staff. I mean, we used to queueing for ages and now this place is desert at 8pm on a Friday night.

Anyway, we ordered the usual stuff: kimchi pancake, bibimbap…
The pancake was good as usual, but the vegetable bibimbap, well, it left us literally speechless: they served it in a cold bowl, topped with an half cooked egg and with a bunch of salad leaves instead of the cooked vegetables you usually find in a bibimbap.

Woo Jung Bibimbap

Apparently they’ve just kept the “brand”, everything else is “brand new”.

Needless to say, we won’t come back. Ever.


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