Girls in Tech UK

Girls in Tech (or The Importance of Networking)

I’ve written an article for The Social Shop blog about the formidable women of Girls in Tech and the importance of networking‬. What are you waiting for? Read it 🙂…/

Girls in Tech UK

Girls in Tech UK

It’s International Women Day on the 8th of March, so our very own Alessia has decided to tell you a story about formidable women and the importance of networking. I’m sure you already know how much networking is important nowadays and how spending a few minutes on your favourite social network could be substantial and, why not, even life changing. Apart from reading news and interesting stuff, you can engage in conversations with amazing people that otherwise you wouldn’t have ever known, meet them in real life and grow your network. Maybe get a new job or start that collaboration you long dreamed about. And you know what? It’s real. I can say that because I’ve tried it myself. A few months ago I was having a look at my Twitter feed (well, I’m a Social Media Manager, what else am I supposed to do?) when I saw a retweet about a Girls in Tech event. “Do you need a photographer?” I asked and their answer was immediate and positive. Can you imagine how excited and enthusiast about this new opportunity I was? Well, at that time I hadn’t the foggiest idea of who these ladies were, but then I met them, I spent a lot of time observing them and their audience behind my camera lense and, well, I was amazed. I still am. Girls in Tech London As the months passed, I’ve been taking tons of photos at their events Insights into Fashion and Tech (with Tech City News, Lyst, Rockabox and Stylect) Girls in Tech London CV Workshop with IBM and MOOGirls in Tech London and the mesmerising Dating, Sex & Tech event with Happn, Dattch, 3nder andAntidate. Girls in Tech London

I’ve met a lot of talented people, I’ve grown my personal network and most important of all I’ve become a Board Member of Girls in Tech London. Social networking doesn’t just opens virtual doors, so make the effort to connect. you never know what you might find. Girls in Tech London exists to support and raise the visibility of women in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. They organise monthly events events in London with high-profile women speakers and amazing partners from tech companies which support their cause. They aim to raise the visibility of female leaders in the industry and are building a list of female speakers for conference organisers to connect with. For updates follow them on Twitter and Facebook or (Photos courtesy of Alessia)


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