Valentine's Day Pizza Franco Manca

{London} Franco Manca

Hey, pizza lovers! London calling 😉

We all deserve a treat now and then and in my opinion having a pizza is one of the best treats ever.

People have their own preferences: thin crust, thick crust, deep pan, hand tossed, with tomato sauce, without tomato sauce, fully loaded or… with hot dog stuffed crust (I’m not joking, ask for it at Domino’s)

But, as far as I’m concerned, when I feel the need to eat something tasty and not too far from my flat, I naturally choose Franco Manca

Valentine's Day Pizza Franco Manca

Valentine’s Day Pizza

I live in the neighbourhood so it’s pretty obvious to me choosing the Chiswick branch of Franco Manca. The pizzeria is located on the High Road, just a few minutes walk from Turnham Green station (District line, zone 2).

The venue is a proper italian pizzeria, extremely lively and cozy. You’ll be warmly greeted both by the charming italian staff and by the crackling wood fired oven. Moreover, London rainy weather permitting, you can eat your pizza al fresco!

The pizza is crispy, tender and fragrant, an authentic Neapolitan one! It’s made from slow-rising sourdough baked in their famous brick oven and topped with high quality, selected ingredients. Furthermore, due to the fact that is quality, non quantity that matters, on their menu you’ll find less than a dozen of pizzas (including the specials) and they are all delicious!

Ham, Mushroom and Mozzarella Pizza

Ham, Mushroom and Mozzarella Pizza

At Franco Manca’s you won’t find any Coca-Cola or other soda cans, but you can quench your thirst with a glass of delicious cloudy lemonade or opt for interesting beers and stunning wines. (Otherwise, you can cherry pick a bottle of S. Pellegrino water)

Among the starters the merit badge goes to the Burrata, delicacy from Puglia, my native region.

Burrata pugliese, wild rocket and Parma ham

Burrata pugliese, wild rocket and Parma ham

The price is quite cheap (20£ for two pizzas and two beers) and everyone in the pizzeria is really kind and charming.
I will never forget when, last Christmas, they gave us an artisan made Panettone!

Franco Manca's Panettone

Franco Manca’s Panettone

…Have you booked your table yet? 😉

Franco Manca
144 Chiswick High Rd, London W4 1PU
020 8747 4822


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