{London} Fine Foods

Sometimes wandering around is the best way to discover hidden treasures.

A few days ago I went to Bermondsey after reading an article about the Spa Terminus shopping mall.
Worst idea ever: apparently every single shop of the compound is closed on Sundays.
Anyway, it wasn’t time for losing heart! The sun shined across London so I decided to set out for Borough.

On and on and on she walked… until she arrived at the corner between Wild’s Rents and Long Lane. Then an Italian Deli appeared out of the blue.

Fine Foods London
Fine Foods London

The store is tiny and filled with italian speciality of any sort: pasta, sauces, olive oil, wine…ย However, in my humble opinion, the best part is the deli and cheese counter.I was astonished (well, I was hungry, too) and the shop looked so inviting that I decided to enter.

Deli and Cheese Counter Fine Foods London

Deli and Cheese counter

The guy behind the counter offered me a slice of the cold cut (it has pistachios inside!) and it was really delicious. I bought approx 80g for less than 2ยฃ. I ate with gusto all the slices once I left the delicatessen store.

Italian Specialities Fine Foods London

Italian Specialities

It’s something that everyone should do at least once in a lifetime.

Fine Foods
 218 Long Lane
 SE1 4QB London
 T: 020 7403 7513

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